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Monthly Romance Romps!

It's been so difficult to stick with one book these days. My attention wanders, and I find myself juggling ten different books instead of plowing through one. Short-form content is more my pace, and I'm wondering if that might be true for you, too?

I'm hard at work on book three in the Burlfriends series, but I've decided to try something else out, too: short stories! I'll post a new story to the subscribers-only page of my website once per month.

The best part? I'm crowdsourcing ideas! You can submit yours here.

You can specify how hot you'd like the story to be (no touching to full-on erotic) and give me any other parameters you'd like, such as characters to base the story on (e.g., yourself 😉...or your friend, whose birthday is coming up), ages, occupations, scenarios...anything!

You can challenge me to genre-bend, with elements of horror or sci-fi or fantasy, etc.

You can even challenge me to write fanfic of my own work lol. #ianna #lasher

The only thing? Each story will be <5,000 words, so the chemistry has to be able to ramp up quickly. No millennia-long space epics!

Want Godzilla to make love to your 18-yr-old virgin self, with his huge reptilehood? I can make it happen.

Want to become a gay merman from the 1500s who rescues an Idris-Elba-lookalike? Thus, it shall be.

Just want a sweet romance with your college crush? I gotchu.

"Oh, Idris, wherefore art thou?"

Fill out this form and I'll get back to you if I like your idea! Feel free to share this post with others. As long as it's not problematic (racist, sexist, non-consensual, or offensive in any way), anything is fair game.

I'll be releasing story number one soon! 😊

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