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Falling for You will be available on Kindle Unlimited Mid-August

I wrote up my notes on a very unscientific experiment that I did, comparing royalties from my books through Kindle Unlimited (KU) versus non-Amazon eBook retailers...then I scrapped the whole blog post because I was quite sure that none of you want to hear about all that (ping me if I'm wrong). Suffice to say, I've decided to enroll the rest of the Burlfriends series in the KU program. Book one, Crushing on You, is already there. I'm not a fan of Amazon, but for these three books at least, consumers can have what they want. Books that come after the Burlfriends series will likely be a different matter...but we'll see!

Enrollment in KU means that you'll only be able to purchase the eBook exclusively through Amazon, so if you haven't bought your eBook copy of Falling for You from your favorite non-Amazon retailer yet, make sure you do it ASAP!

Look out for an announcement about the exact date on social media!

Book three, Take Me, is coming together at a glacial pace, but I'm still aiming for an end-of-year release.

I haven't explicitly revealed who book three is about yet, but I guess I might as well—Cassie and Tom. Cassie's husband, Michael, is involved, too, but I'm not telling you what happens. 🤐 I hadn't intended for Tom to become a major character in the series, but the more I wrote about him in books one and two, the more intrigued I was by his story! I hope you'll agree!

I'd thought that I'd set myself up for a challenge with book two, but book three is much, much harder to write. I hope that I'm able to do justice to their complex relationships. Plus, Anna, Ian, Lina, and Asher will all play roles in Tom and Cassie's coming together, too.

It's going to be a very eventful final book...

Hope you're all healthy and well!


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