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Falling for You in KU, and a quick update on Take Me

I mentioned almost a month ago that Falling for You would be available through KU in mid-August. Well, it took until September for a few sites to de-list my book, but finally, Falling for You is available through Kindle Unlimited! Hurrah!

Readers give it two paws up! 🐾

If you're a reader who has strong feelings about KU (in favor or against), I'd love to hear from you. Amazon requires that all books listed in KU be exclusive, meaning that the eBook isn't available anywhere else—not even on my own website. 😱Exclusivity sucks, but I understand that romance readers have voracious appetites and might not be able to afford to buy all the books they want. Do you have a book budget? How do you prefer to consume your books? Let me know!

I've been hard at work writing Take Me—sort of. It's more accurate to say that I've been hard at work thinking about it. My original deadline for the first draft was August 30, but with the fires and heatwaves and general blah-ness of the world, it's been difficult to immerse myself in the Burlfriends universe. I've hit my stride now, though, and I've been cranking out 3-5k words per day. I'm excited to see what folks think about Tom and Cassie and their dynamic!

I've been told that Falling for You reads more like a standalone and less like part of a series. Well, I can tell you now that book three is very much a part of the series, and you'll want to read the first two books before reading book three. The details are important! You'll also learn more about events in books one and two, like why (mini-spoiler for COY: highlight to read) in the Prologue of Crushing on You, Ian paid for Anna and Asher's dinner at the Japanese restaurant, or why (mini-spoiler for COY and FFY: highlight to read) Anna and Ian decided to move their wedding up, instead of having a long engagement. If you have any lingering questions from COY or FFY, feel free to ask! I might answer them in Take Me. 😉

If all goes well, the first draft will be done September 20, and I'll have the ARCs out to readers sometime in late November. If you have a decent social media following (over 1k followers on IG) and you're interested in being added to my ARC list, let me know!

In the meantime, I hope you all are enjoying the last days of summer and keeping healthy! I've been trying to run and do an ab workout everyday. If you're interested, here's the ab workout that I usually do. Let's all get six-packs! It's tough, and I still can't do the full workout without taking a few breaks, but at least the music is catchy. 🎵


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