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Crushing on You

Burlfriends, Book 1 - Out now!

Everyone's got a type, but Anna's got a non-type: Asian guys. She's been traumatized by her own family and she's not looking to double the trouble. Besides, she's busy chasing her dream of becoming a music journalist, and she's going to march towards it single-mindedly—and single, if need be.

But when she meets a handsome stranger on a flight to a wedding, she's reluctantly charmed. Intrigued. Seduced.

Too bad he's not her type.

Ian has a great tech job, a beautiful Williamsburg condo, and rock-hard abs. He can even climb V7 and send 5.12. But does he have what it takes to climb the big walls around Anna's heart?

Love, like climbing, requires hard work, commitment, and of course, good communication with one's partner. They'll need all three, plus a little help from their friends, if they don’t want to go it solo.

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Falling for You

Burlfriends, Book 2 - Out now! 

A year and a half after her husband’s death, Lina Miller is untethered and out of her element—the worst-case scenario for a rock-climbing chemist. But the pressure is on from her PhD advisor, and she’s quickly approaching the critical point when she must decide what’s next. 

Her one rule? Career first, love second.

But rules have never stopped Asher Friedmann. 

As a New York City musician, the last thing that Asher needs is a heart that’s out of tune. Unfortunately, that’s all he’s got. Plus a trust fund. But what he wants is a new muse, and he’s willing to go to great lengths—and heights—to find her.

When the two meet at a party, Lina gives him a chance…as a climbing buddy. But soon Lina finds herself dealing with a different kind of chemistry, one that could end up hurting them both. Will their bond be enough to overcome their past traumas, or will they have to face the music?


Take Me

Burlfriends, Book 3 - Winter 2020

The final book in the Burlfriends series...

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